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Date: Thu Jan 20 2000 - 21:07:08 EET

DeskArtes is the software you are looking for!!!

View Expert has been designed as a comprehensive tool for viewing and
communicating 3D designs. 3Data Expert is an extensive tool for
manipulation and conversion of surface and faceted models.

The FREE version of View Expert will allow you to view STL files, apply
dimensions, calculate size, area and volume, add comments and notes, as
well as e-mail and print files & images.

The following are some of the add-on features of View Expert and 3Data
Expert products:

- viewing IGES & VDA files
- verification of STL, IGES & VDA files
- repair STL files
- conversion of IGES & VDA files to STL format
- Boolean operations
- positioning and scaling
- reduction of the number of triangles in STL files
- shelling STL files
- offsetting STL files

Give me a call and we can discuss the ways in which DeskArtes can help and
save you time.

Thank you,
Jason Ziomek
Sales Manager
DeskArtes North America
2970 N. Sheridan Rd. Suite #1507
Chicago, IL 60657
Tel: (773) 248-1489
Fax: (773) 248-1493
E-mail: or
Web site:

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