Re: Holograms from 3D files?

From: Douglas A. VanPutte (
Date: Sat Jan 22 2000 - 12:15:08 EET

Hi Eric,

The image produce by Ethereal Technologies is not a hologram. It is a
true 3D image. It can be produced with the use of mirrors from a real
object or by combining different views of an object from several computers
in space.

You are right though. In a way it is not new. You can buy a kit from Edmund
Scientific which is composed of a parabolic mirror in a box and a little 3D
toy pig. The pig is positioned in front of the mirror in the box and a real
3D pig image is formed above the opening in the box. When you see the pig
image suspended in space above the box you think the real pig is there.

I think what Ethereal Technologies is doing is looking at the commercial
possibilities of the technology through the application of the computer,
such as advertising and new product development. By using computers, the
image can also be set in motion.

I've only heard Bob Andrews talk once about this technology at an RPMI
Technology Showcase, so I am certainly no authority. But it is fascinating,
and that is why he was invited by the RPMI to speak to a larger audience at
the Advanced RP&M 2000 Symposium at GA Tech (


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> Dear Doug, > > I've been following these "hologram" e-mails. Why is this technology new ? > I've worked with holographic labs for years, and using computer generated > holography is old school. What is this new slant ? > > Best regards, > > Eric King > > > "Douglas A. VanPutte" wrote: > >> Bob, >> >> I think that Ethereal Technologies plans to market the technology, just how >> I don't know. Come to the Advanced RP&M Symposium 2000 and find out from >> Bob Andrews! Better hurry though, the symposium is almost fully subscribed > >

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