3D Printers - recommendations please

From: Mark Lee (markle@sqf.hp.com)
Date: Mon Jan 24 2000 - 13:55:27 EET


Please forgive me if this subject has been recently covered -
I have just rejoined the list as I'm looking for help.

I am currently looking into the purchase of a 3D printer
eg 3DSystems ThermoJet or ZCorp Z402.

Can anyone with experience of using a 3D printer give me
some feedback including the following:

- which 3D Printer do you recommend ? why ?
- is the material good for prototype use ie strong enough ?
- is post processing necessary ?
- do you get good customer support ?
- what file format does the printer accept ? (.stl ?)
- is the printer reliable eg does every build work 1st time ?

Any information you can give me will be much appreciated.
I need to move quickly on this !


Mark Lee
Product Designer
Agilent Technologies


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