Date: Fri Jan 28 2000 - 16:04:13 EET

We are the authorised representatives of very large lending groups
in USA & UK ,who have funded over 2000 projects in various parts of
the world in infrastructure , telecom,software & information
technology , telecommunications , entertainment centres , etc. , over
the last couple of years .

Contact us for your requirements of project financing in US Dollars
at extremely competitive and low interest rates .We can structure
your deals / arrangement of Prime World Bank guarantees from Prime
European & USA banks/long term loans for 10 year periods in the most
innovative manner & customise them as per your requirements , at
rates of interest of Libor + 1 or 2 , on a deal to deal basis .

No securities generally required from Borrower's end for most
projects,except in certain cases only .Only genuine proposals with
high degree of economic viability from reknowned promoters would be
taken up.


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