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From: Mike Brindley (
Date: Sat Jan 29 2000 - 20:59:17 EET

> Hello from sunny but very cold Italy.
> I am preparing a B.Plan focused on RP services sold using internet
> e-commerce ...
> Surprised ? I don't think so !
> Other than many others, I have a problem to solve: I would like to use an
> automatic STL files evaluator (STL file(s) good or not) behind the scene.
> Have you already heard SW house already developed it ?
> What I need is a package running without any graphic interface ...

The ADMESH program may be what you need. It reads in STL files,
reconstructs the topology, and tries to fix errors. The resulting
object can be then be saved in several file formats. The program
has many command line options to tailor its operation (you don't
have to write out a file if you don't want to). You need a C
compiler as it is a GNU style (GPL'ed) program distributed as source
code. A yahoo search for 'admesh' quickly revealed numerous sites
where you can find this program.

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