Re: Solar in RP's future?

From: Jim Mallos (
Date: Sun Jan 30 2000 - 13:12:43 EET

Dear Marshall,

Thanks for the additional links. The articles especially show the
personal factory giving expression to human creativity---something of a
revelation to me.

Your '96 paper "Using Fabricators to Reduce Space Transportation Costs"
by McKay, Davis and Burns, , is the earliest,
and in fact the only paper I've been able to find, that explicitly
describes the use of solar energy in selective sintering and the other
SFF technologies that use optical radiation.

Did NASA take up the challenge?

Jim Mallos
Heliakon Solar Sintering Lab

"Making Things from Sunlight"

Marshall Burns wrote:

> Under "Personal Factories," you might want to also link to the articles
> at:
> -- : "The
> Household Fabricator" describes a residential subdivision built in 2008,
> where the homes have a fabricator room, with fab materials supplied by
> underground pneumatic tubes.
> -- :
> "Automated Fabrication: The Future of Manufacturing" explains how fabbers
> will undo the harmful effects of the industrial revolution on mankind,
> returning manufacturing to the community.
> -- : "The
> Freedom to Create" compares the impact of fabbers on manufacturing to the
> impact of books on literacy and of cars on transportation.
> and under general RP links: , which has a host
> of information on fabbers of all kinds.

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