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From: Robin Stoddart (
Date: Mon Jan 31 2000 - 03:04:28 EET

Hello all,

I'm a student in Canada, doing a project on SLS. I've made a 25W CO2 laser,
and will be making a CNC table for the SLS (I won't be using scanners
because I would like to use the table as a normal mill too). Anyway, I'll be
using AutoCAD 2000, and probably MasterCAM to do the SLS. I'm wondering
about how to transfer a solid model into g-code that the machine can use?
Should I manually slice it up? Does MasterCAM do it for me? Does AutoCAD do
it for me? If not, are there any programs that I should try and get my hands
on to do this? If anyone can point me in the right direction (via a web
page, or other means) I would be grateful.

Also, I'm looking for a material to use as the media. The only material I
can find that is small enough for SLS is Al powder, used to pyrotechnics. It
comes as small as 5um. Can anyone suggest another material? (preferably
cheap, as I am on a student's budget)

Thanks a ton for any advice/info/links you can send me :)


Robin J M Stoddart
icq# 18918288

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