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Date: Mon Jan 31 2000 - 20:26:33 EET


for immediate release: December 31, 1999


Somerville, MA - Z Corporation, developer of the world's fastest 3D printer,
closed a record year in 1999. Unit sales and revenues bounded 170%, and the
Company reported record earnings and cash flow. According to Marina
Hatsopoulos, CEO, "we believe that this demonstrates that 3D printing is
poised to revolutionize the design office in the way that office printers
have revolutionized the administrative office."

The Company's flagship Z402TM 3D printer has become the standard for many
companies that are committed to reducing their time to market. Companies
that have incorporated this tool into their design process have found that
the payback and reduced cycle times justify the purchase of multiple
systems. Some examples include Ford Motor which now has nine systems, and
Daimler Chrysler which has five systems. Ford Motor went through extensive
evaluation before selecting the Z402 System for these multiple locations.
According to Erik Johnson of Ford Motor, "The Z402 System has really allowed
us to push the envelope of 3D product design and has been a perfect fit in
our design process." Other automotive customers include BMW, General
Motors, Porsche, Toyota, and United Technologies Automotive. Over 150 of Z
Corporation's 3D Printers are installed at leading companies worldwide.

Among other technical news, Ciba Specialty Chemicals Corp. and Z Corp.
announced a research and development partnership in 1999. According to
George Sollner, Vice President of Ciba, "Based on the results of our
research and surveys we've conducted of current prototyping methods, we
believe Z Corp.'s technology has tremendous growth potential in a broad
range of manufacturing industries."

During the Millennium celebrations at the Millennium Dome in London this
evening, Quantum Cloud will be unveiled. This 95-foot high sculpture by
Antony Gormley was made using 330 individually-designed steel joints. These
joints, impossible to make with any other existing technology within the
time and cost constraints, were cast from parts made on Z Corporation's 3D

Z Corporation has also had great success in the consumer products industry,
where design changes are frequent and consumer evaluation is critical.
These customers include Adidas, which has three systems, Fisher Price,
Graco, Clorox and Motorola. In addition, a large number of prestigious
universities worldwide, including Harvard, MIT and Georgia Tech, have
incorporated this technology into their curriculum.

Due to explosive growth over the last two years, Z Corporation, winner of
the Computer Graphics World design award, will be moving its corporate
offices and manufacturing group to substantially larger facilities in
Burlington, Massachusetts at the end of February, 2000.

# # #

Z Corporation manufactures office-compatible 3D printers that quickly and
inexpensively produce real physical models directly from CAD data. These
models can be handled, reviewed and exchanged to enhance communication in
the product design and development process. Design engineers can build
several iterative prototypes in a day to finalize design concepts faster
than ever before. Z Corp. customers like NASA report printing as many as
184 parts in a day while Kodak was able to produce a 3D model only two hours
after receiving a data file.

Please visit our web site (www.zcorp.com) or contact Marina Hatsopoulos, CEO
for more information at (617) 628-2781 x12. Sales inquiries can be made via
email (sales@zcorp.com) or by phone at
(617) 628-2781.

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