RE: Selective Solar Sintering

From: Spielman, Roger L (
Date: Tue Feb 01 2000 - 00:03:02 EET

Now, now...To all involved

Rather than think of the trade-off or compromise of this idea in situations
that we are all using as day-to-day operations, try to expound on what we
could do if it were to be utilized enroute to a distant planet, where
sunlight may be un-interrupted, and the alternate power supply may be
extremely large and expensive. Someday we may have to build parts in space.

Roger Spielman
Rocketdyne Power & Propulsion
The Boeing Co.

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> Subject: Re: Selective Solar Sintering
> Gentlemen: This is an exciting thread! However, I suggest your using your
> solar device to build patterns of polystyrene powder at the highest
> resolution and the fastest rate possible.

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