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>Rather than think of the trade-off or compromise of this idea in situations
>that we are all using as day-to-day operations, try to expound on what we
>could do if it were to be utilized enroute to a distant planet, where
>sunlight may be un-interrupted, and the alternate power supply may be
>extremely large and expensive. Someday we may have to build parts in space.

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There is currently enough space junk in orbit to construct several
space station sized objects if we could grab it and find a way to re-use it.
I know its all moving in different orbits and in conflicting directions, but

think of the cost savings if we could use some of it.

Space based manufacturing "Could" be a major use of a variety of RP
processes, but
only if the raw materials don't have to be lifted into orbit.

The scale of a space manufactured object is obviously going to determine the
and the resolution of the finished parts. The "LENS" process could be used
with focused
sunlight to produce objects from space dust that you encounter in transit.
resolution would undoubtedly be poor, but the power and materials are free.

What we need is a de-fabricator to extract the raw materials from our
surroundings so only power is needed...

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