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From: Elaine Hunt (ehunt@ces.clemson.edu)
Date: Tue Feb 01 2000 - 16:38:38 EET

>Rather than think of the trade-off or compromise of this idea in situations
>that we are all using as day-to-day operations, try to expound on what we
>could do if it were to be utilized enroute to a distant planet, where
>sunlight may be un-interrupted, and the alternate power supply may be
>extremely large and expensive. Someday we may have to build parts in space.


This is why I chose as title "To Mars and Beyond" as my session topic at
Georgia Tech's Symposium.
We need to begin to think out of the traditional box and this includes how
we teach engineering, design, and production.........

I have tried to imagine being my GGrand Mother and seeing her view as 1899
turned into 1900.....could she envision my talking around the globe via a
computer? Not hardly...she was just accepting the idea of a wire and a
telephone with a party line. Even now there is no way we can foresee all
the inventions lurking in the minds of the unborn. However we can
participate in 2100 by encouraging radical thinking and experimentations.

One day someone will laugh at our primitive thoughts........ even the most
educated will seem dumb and misled.......


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