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<< Are there any articles or websites that we can use to investigate fiber
 optics. What we are trying to do is to take a light source and by using
 optics surround the light source and concetrate it to a point.
 Would any one have any experience with this
 John Irvin, NECO Inc, Denver, CO
 ph 303 574 1077
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Dear Mr. Irvin:

The geometry that you're describing probably doesn't lend itself to
concentration in this manner. It's likely that you'll need a more complex
fiber optic structure that will allow launching the light down the length of
the fibers, and require weaving into an appropriate output bundle. There's a
lot you can read on this in the literature, I'm sure, but probably the most
direct route to finding a practical solution would be to get in touch with
Welch-Allyn or one of the other fiber light guide companies.


Ed Grenda
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