shell problem

From: Jordan Joseph W DLPC (
Date: Tue Feb 01 2000 - 22:47:36 EET

shell problem

Hello list,

We currently use 3D Lightyear and SolidView to process stl files. Recently I shelled out a part in CAD and then generated a stl file. I wanted to put a vent and drain hole in it so I opened it up in SolidView and used .100 for my diameter with 5 sides. Everything looked good. Checked it using FIX ALL under the Repair pull down the file came back good. After that I saved it, closed the program, and opened 3D Lightyear set up a platform and loaded the part. As usual I did a verify on the part and it came back bad so I verified the part again till it was good. Went back and  looked the part over and the drain hole had been covered over but the vent still remained. We have also had problems with doing a shell of the stl file in SolidView and then using 3D Lightyear to put supports it would delete the shell and make the part solid. Is anyone else having this type of problem. Any discussion would be greatly appreciated.

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