Re: CAD or STL files of finger bones.

From: lonepeak (
Date: Wed Feb 02 2000 - 20:24:26 EET


We have reconstructed of all the bones from a male hand and have created
STL files for each bone. Velocity2 Pro was used to handle the CT data
to STL file reconstruction. We have also produced all of these "bones"
in bioceramic materials using our CerLAM process and the SteamRoller/LOM

We have also produced FDM and 3DP "bones" from the STL files.
Additionally, we have brought the contour data back into CAD so that we
can work with the data set in a true CAD environment.

>From your email, I was not sure if you were looking for a "free source"
for these files or if you expected to pay for the files.

You were also looking for casting sources for titanium. We do not cast
titanium but we do work with titanium tapes on the LOM system and
produced titanium models in this manner. We would be happy provide cost
details if you are ready for them.


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