Making money at rapid prototyping -- Corrected

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Date: Thu Feb 03 2000 - 15:37:09 EET

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I find that many of those in rapid prototyping concentrate on the
technology and sidestep the issue of just how a rapid prototype will
improve their company's profitability. This is unwise, especially when the
rapid prototyper is trying to convince the company to invest in a rapid
prototyping capability. The boss mostly wants to know how this investment
will pay off in a clear way.

Three related papers are on our Website, all available for download:

"The Business of Rapid Prototyping,"

"Leverage the Cycle-Time Capability of Your Rapid Prototypes,"

"Make Time-to-Market Technologies a Bottom-Line Issue,"

A fourth paper in this series is slated for publication in the 9 March
issue of Machine Design magazine. It will also be available afterward as a

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