FW: SLA Problems

From: Paul Bordner (paulb@laserrepro.com)
Date: Thu Feb 03 2000 - 17:37:18 EET

Make this quick and short:

Is anyone out there experiencing any of the following problems with SLA5000:

1) Loss of laser power on a regular basis (3 times in the last 2 weeks with
only 3200 hours)
2) Frequent blade stalls for no reason, then machine does not register a
build abort and fails to call us to let us know
3) Loss of vacuum in the zephyr blade (actually sucks resin back to the
pumps then loses vacuum)

Also, we switched over to SL5220 6-8 months ago on one of our SLA250
machines and have experienced serious problems with this resin. Parts tend
to sag, droop, warp, etc no matter how many supports we build. Small
overhangs always need supported and 3D lightyear fails every time to do so.
We have contacted 3D several times and they have failed to come up with a
solution (actually, they recommended 3 solutions that have all failed to
produce better parts). They have promised to send an application engineer
on several occasions, but we have yet to see him.

Any feed back would be greatly appreciated!

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