RE: alternative solvent for sla parts?

From: Chuck Alexander (
Date: Thu Feb 03 2000 - 22:14:04 EET

At 01:37 PM 2/3/00 -0600, you wrote:
>Propylene Carbonate is superior to TPM. It cuts through the resin 4-5 times
>faster, water soluble, cheap and non-hazardous (its used in perfume and some
>food products).
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Propylene Carbonate does not meet the 50g/l requirement. We were using
isopropyl before SCAQMD came thru and told us we could no longer use it. We
investigated other solvents, but every one that met the 50g/l requirement
was aggressive to humans.

We ended up switching to acetone. It doesn't meet the 50g/l requirement
either, but it's on the SCAQMD's exempt chemical list.

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