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Date: Thu Feb 03 2000 - 22:43:02 EET

Not funny. I've seen some funny ones on interpreting personal ads, whose
codes have always mystified me anyway.

I did notice that the ones posted here on women were mostly offensive,
other than the notion that people lie about themselves (in personals, on
resumes, and otherwise). The only reason I kept reading was I thought the
ones about the men might build on something and be even worse and more
offensive and might even hit home on what big liars men are. But it seems the
guy who wrote the thing ran out gas, had little imagination, or is simply
lying to himself.

I think Bathsbeba and Sheri are perfectly right to let you guys have it
between the eyes. Get some perspective.

Perhaps everyone should get back to the discovery of truth and beauty in
RP, which is something you all have in common.

Brock Hinzmann

Advantage Prototype systems wrote:
>Truthfully, nope.
>I'll look.
>>As a women I found this pretty tasteless and inappropriate too. This
>E-mail was obviously written by a man for men to read. Did you notice
>there were a lot more offensive "TRUTHS" about women than men?
>>Sheri Harrington
>>The Boeing Company
>>> I agree. Loosen the bone, Wilma.
>>> Tom Husting
>>> APS
>>> >I thought it was funny. I needed that.
>>> >
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