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Date: Fri Feb 04 2000 - 02:10:58 EET

I didn't respond because the way you worded the question. I don't consider our Solid View RP Master as offering "the best STL model repair capabilities". It patches small holes automatically fairly well as long as you're not dealing with multiple shells within the STL. If you are faced with multiple shells, you can break out each shell and repair individually, either automatically or by manually creating triangles, then recombine the shells into one stl again. Manual repair is time consuming and not recommended for complex parts... IMHO. On the positive side, Solid View is great for visualizing, orienting, translating, duplicating... in genral manipulating stl's and the price is right. I would like to see some interference analysis capability.

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> Hello again,
> Some rp-ml postings generate many responses. That's been my experience.
> However, the recent one related to the best STL repair tools generated few
> responses. Neil Hopkinson of De Montfort University kindly shared his
> views. Thank you, Neil. Also, I heard from a producer of one software
> product. I find it interesting that more people are not using STL tools.
> In any case, I will try again.
> Which software product offers the best STL model repair capabilities? I am
> most interested in software that offers a high level of automation.
> Thanks, in advance, for your thoughts.
> Terry
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