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From: Elaine Hunt (ehunt@ces.clemson.edu)
Date: Fri Feb 04 2000 - 14:59:24 EET

Buchanan Karl 1990 Compensating for Dimensional Errors Encountered in
Schumacher Brian 1991 "Evaluating Surface, Form, and Dimensional
Charastierics for Stereolithographic Production"
Basavaraju Vijay 1992 Preliminary Investigation of Tolerances and Finish
Using Stereolithography
Jayaram Dureen ME 1994 Benchmarking of Rapid Prototyping Systems: Beginning
to Set Standards

Bablani Minoo 1995 "Quantification of Surface Errors, and Determination of
Preferred Orientaion of Parts in Stereolithography"

Kirstein Jennifer 1995 "Characterization of the Rapid Prototyping Build

Liable Ulrich ME 1995 "Dimensional Control and Evaluation of Rapid
Prototyping Processes"

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