RE: Best STL Repair Tools

From: Keith Nybakke (
Date: Fri Feb 04 2000 - 17:17:39 EET

I have been using DeskArtes Rapid Tools products for a while now and find
it quite good for my purposes. However, I don't often use Rapid Tools for
repair because 3DVerify in Maestro and Lightyear are almost always good
enough for general purpose STL file repair. There have been a few times
where RapidTools allowed me to use a file that I wouldn't have been able to
build without Rapid Tools.

I generally use DA Rapid Tools for shelling or voxel offsetting to reduce
resin useage in "chunky" parts and to cut parts that are larger than my
3500 platform. I don't use Rapid Tools to slice, build supports or to
tessellate. I do use it for some other special purposes, too.

I am evaluating DeskArtes' NT product, 3Data Expert, but don't have
anything to say about it yet.

Best Regards,
Keith Nybakke

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