RE: alternative solvent for sla parts?

From: Blasch, Larry (
Date: Fri Feb 04 2000 - 18:15:14 EET

Here is a list that I compiled of SLA resin cleaning solvents in use today:

        IPA (isopropyl alcohol) (isopropanol)
        ethyl alcohol (ethanol)
        TPM (tripropylene glycol monomethyl ether)
        propylene carbonate

Formerly used solvents (over the last decade, we've tried just about

        d-limonene in water (orange cleaner)
        MEK (methyl ethyl keytone)
        Dishwashing detergent in water (3D use to suggest it)
        Denatured alcohol (usually contains ethanol and MEK and sometimes
other stuff)

Questions: 1. What solvent do you use?
                2. What resin do you clean with it?
                3. Why?
                4. What is the process? (manual or automatic... soak time...
precautions... )
                5. Is your SLA lab in compliance with EPA and OSHA?
Last question: Is your SLA lab in compliance with SCAQMD 1122, and/or does
it need to be?


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