Re: Selective Solar Sintering

From: Jim Mallos (
Date: Fri Feb 04 2000 - 19:34:00 EET

Tom Richards wrote:
> Gentlemen: This is an exciting thread! However, I suggest your using your
> solar device to build patterns of polystyrene powder at the highest
> resolution and the fastest rate possible. The resultant patterns would be
> wax impregnated and molded for the economical investment of small parts or
> sand casting of big or even huge parts of whatever metal alloy you want.
> This approach would avoid the need for the high power density required to
> sinter bond powder particles of those same alloys.


Your suggestion is likely the only way high resolution metal parts can
be made with concentrated sunlight. Of course alot of the appeal of a
solar RP machine is lost when you need a foundry as well.

Jim Mallos
Heliakon Solar Sintering Lab

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