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I'm glad you to interpret what I mean and not listen to what I say!


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Thanks for your advice. Do you mean "SolidView" from Solid Concepts
instead of "Solid Works?"



I see that nearly all the responses were for Solid Works. As Doug Mitchell
stated, most have only a limited budget and have used only one tool. Soild
Works was the first on the market and marketed well to the US user making
it the logical choice.

I am lucky and have used both Solid Works and Magics RP. I have to vote
for Magics. The biggest difference IMHO is that the user interface is more
friendly and intuitive. Also, automatic repair functions are available
with one mouse click. The importable file size seems to be unlimited as
long as you have a powerful enough computer to shorten the processing time.
 I have imported a 50Mb STL file from scan data with no problems (it did
take 15+ minutes to load however). The shelling, boolean and slicing
options are top-notch and the tooling package is handy. Naturally, YMMV.


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