Re: Popcorn RP

From: Jim Mallos (
Date: Sat Feb 05 2000 - 17:45:00 EET

Lex Lennings wrote:

> While now all RP processes are in fact one-way processes: make a CAD
> model, create a prototype, evaluate it, throw it away, change the CAD model,
> create a new prototype, etc etc. This is in fact the basic design cycle.
> A formative prototype (ideally) could be evaluated and then changed,
> or even change (in real-time) with the CAD-model. This is in fact the same
> idea as the virtual clay as proposed by Michael Rees (are you still there -
> long time no rp-ml). The resulting RP system would be ideally suited
> for REAL concept modelling: truly support the designer when generating
> new concept designs. This in contrast with all current RP systems, that
> do support him/her when evaluating the resulting geometries after having
> generated them.

This an attractive goal. The popcorn puffing method would not get us
much closer I am afraid, since the shape of the foam part is programmed
into it by the positions of the man-made defects that nucleate the
bubbles. For the foam to change shape (beyond its normal growth process)
would require recycling the material.

Jim Mallos

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