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Date: Sun Feb 06 2000 - 23:01:58 EET

Hi Ola,

You must state the desired output power and quality you are looking for.
Argon lasers range from $500 - $80,000 USD. Most high-power argons are
warranted for about 2K hours, so after than, who knows. A lot depends on how
your using it. If you run it at its highest output power, your going to
diminish the tube life. At mediums powers you get a long life time, and, I
believe at low powers, you will again diminish the tube life.

For CO2 lasers, they have an even larger price variance. You can get a new
sealed CO2 of about 10W for, say, $5K, but their power output goes up to
about 25000W, so you need to be more specific. Same with the Vandate lasers.
They have outputs of 1mW to 40W+. Depending on quality, the price range is
about $300 - $100,000.

If you can provide exact specifications (output power, output quality,
system quality, OEM or end user config, wavelength, etc, etc) I can give you
a far better estimation.


Robin Stoddart
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  Dear List,

  I am teaching the RP-class at the University of Central Florida and I am
looking for some information to compare different RP-techniques. Below is a
list of info that I have a hard time to find:

  Cost of Ar-laser
  Life time of Ar-laser
  Cost of CO2 laser
  Cost of Nd:YV04

  I know that there are several different power categories for each type of
laser and I assume that the price and life time differs as well. Any
information on this subject would be appreciated.

  Thank you,

  Ola L.A. Harrysson
  Ph.D. Candidate
  Industrial Engineering and Management Systems
  University of Central Florida
  Orlando, Florida

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