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From: William Morgan (
Date: Mon Feb 07 2000 - 02:00:07 EET

Terry and List,

During the last year or so, we have been using Materialise Magics RP software.
It has allowed us to have only one piece of software to quote from, repair STL
files, prepare files for the 3D Systems Thermojet, build conventional molds,
build Nickel Composite Tools, and for final inspection of parts to their
critical dimensions. For everyone's information, our machining software happens
to be Mastercam.

We have also found, that if the part file has been generated to an accuracy
between 0.001" and 0.0001", while maintaining the file size between 1M and 5M,
we are problem free throughout our system.

Materialise Magics RP is a very powerful program. In it, we have found the
following functions indispensable: Cut & Punch; Advance Cut; Triangle Reduction;
Hollow; Offset; and Automatic Fixing. It seems that about the time we find a
limitation, they have a new version for us to use.


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"Terry T. Wohlers" wrote:
> Hello again,
> Some rp-ml postings generate many responses. That's been my experience.
> However, the recent one related to the best STL repair tools generated few
> responses. Neil Hopkinson of De Montfort University kindly shared his
> views. Thank you, Neil. Also, I heard from a producer of one software
> product. I find it interesting that more people are not using STL tools.
> In any case, I will try again.
> Which software product offers the best STL model repair capabilities? I am
> most interested in software that offers a high level of automation.
> Thanks, in advance, for your thoughts.
> Terry
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