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From: Bert van den Berg (bert@hymarc.com)
Date: Mon Feb 07 2000 - 20:20:19 EET

I'd just like to add that when laser scanning, other important
things to consider are:
    - how detailed or complicated your model is
        - a key measure here might be the the smallest radius
          of curvature on the surface. The smaller the radius of curvature
          the denser, and more accurate a scanner you probably need.
    - what kind model you want output (points, STL, or NURBS).
        You probably want a scan service bureau that can convert their
        data points into the type of info you need.

By the way, you can find some scan service providers on our web site:

Brent Hickel wrote:

> Foam density is the issue. The encasing material used with the CGI scanner
> is a polyurethane, which will distort soft materials. The system is great
> for scanning highly detailed parts. The Laser system is better for exterior
> scans whose geometry is highly contoured and non-mechanical in nature.

> Eric Weinberg wrote:

> Subject: Scanning Services
> > I want to find a service bureau that can scan a hand held model made
> > from foam. What is the best method to do this (destructive or
> > non-destructive) and who does it?

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