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Thank you very much, Martin. This is very helpful.

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>> Has anyone on the List heard of or used SpeedForm for
>> prototyping? What is
>> speedform??
>SpeedForm is (was) a company in south west Germany, which developed a
>casting process called SpeedVac. Some machines were sold before the
>production was stopped. Several apparatus are in use at service bureaus.
>Based on a master (typically stereolithography) silicone forms are
>manufactured similar to vacuum casting. The silicone tool is used to cast
>wax in order to get wax copies of the master. The wax copies can be
>assembled to wax cluster similar to investment casting. After this, the wax
>cluster will be put into a cuvette and will be backfilled with embeding
>material. The next step is burning out the wax. A fully automatic casting
>process allows to easily cast several metal alloys. It is a different
>pressure casting process. So, the micro-structure of the alloy will be
>between investment casting parts and die casting parts. The surface is quite
>good. Possible are parts up to about 250mm.
>The apparatus has to chambers and several modules for the different steps.
>Simlar processes are recently offered by different companies.
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