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I looked into this a couple of years ago. I looked at Mangus, Detrex, and
Kleer-flo as alternatives to Ramco. I think you'll find the Ramco is the
most cost effective system. The main price driver is the double-wall
Stainless Steel construction, and all the automated controls. Even at
US$10-12K per unit a few years back, the Ramco is well worth the labor
savings in parts washing.

Look all you want at the vendors I've listed. I doubt you'll find better
value. No, I don't get compensated for this endorsement, the units just run

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We here at Beckman Coulter in Miami are in the process of pushing a proposal
purchase a SLS-5000 through our budget process. What we are looking for is
alternative part rinsing system to the Ramco System. We are looking for a
savings alternative. I know Ramco System is probably the best and the
of all systems, but it is coming down to money. We would appreciate any
from the user community.

Guy Bourdeau
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