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Date: Thu Feb 10 2000 - 06:59:39 EET

Ron and All,

I have gotten several requests for information on the AVI files that I have
so I am going to address the group as a whole and hope that it will not
violate the advertising rule!

The AVI files are part of a CDROM that I produced last year called RP-ART.
In addition to the 8 AVI files there are 236 bitmap images (suitable for
Internet or presentations), 14 Designer files, 15 Adobe Illustrator files,
15 Encapsulated Postscript files, and 79 High Resolution Photo CD images.

The RP-ART CDROM is being sold for $149 (US Dollars) and shipping/postage is
$3 for US and $8 for all other areas. If you are interested please send a
check or bank draft made out to Advanced Technology Consultants, LLC. and
send it to the address below.

I forgot to add in my first mailing that there is several hundred stl files
on this CD as well (all of those on Elaine’s ftp site and more)

Karl R. Denton
Advanced Technology Consultants LLC
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Several people requested access to the AVI's we have on RP. Video clips for
SLS, SLA and urethane casting can be accessed from by entering the respective
subpage and clicking on the appropriate button at the bottom.

FYI, one respondent has videos on all of the processes. I will leave it up
to him if he would like to make it commercially available to the group. I
think it would be appropriate since it is of interest to so many members of
this list.

Ron Clemons
Harvest Technologies
"Where Innovation Takes Shape" <>

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