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Date: Fri Feb 11 2000 - 02:37:52 EET


We make a great deal of topography models. Several a week for our
architecturla model buiness. Most of these are from fairly coarse stacks
of styrene however we also mill urethane and EPS. We have just finished
building up a large 3 axis mill for this purpose. We chose a subtractive
process because the cost for relatively large models (on the order of
four to twelve cubic feet) is significantly cheaper. Also our required
precsion is not that great.

When greater presion was required, we did have a model made by Baxter
labs using LOM.

Perhaps you could define what you need a little more fully.

Useful parameters are

-average size of your models
-expected height
-required resoultion or perhaps scale
-buildings or just topo data
-where will the data come from - USGS, surveys, photogrametrics etc.
-What are you seeing as the final product - do you need a mold for mass
production or is this a one of a kind item.
-If it will be touched by the blind, how important is surface texture to
convey information.
     If surface texture is important how will the data define the
-How durable must it be.
-Will there be many or just one.

I am sure that you will be able to get good information from the list if
you can define some of these parameters.

Looking forward to the thread.

Dir of Eng,
Groundwork Media

Robert Jaquiss 2/10/00 10:11 AM WROTE:

> I would like to contact people who are using RP technology to produce
>raised relief maps. For those not familiar with the term, a raised relief
>map shows the actual shape of the land surface. I am interested in this
>because these types of maps are sometimes used as educational tools for
>the blind.
> Robert S. Jaquiss Jr.
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