Advanced RPM 2000: Symposium & Expo Feedback

From: Reggie Ponder (
Date: Fri Feb 11 2000 - 17:00:43 EET

A special thanks to this forum for allowing me to get the word out
to so many important and interested RP&M industry players. A huge
tip of the cap to DSM Somos for sponsoring the reception and all
non-alcoholic beverages. I applaud my keynote and wrap up speakers,
Dave Howard, Mike McEvoy and Phill Dickens. None of this would have
been possible with the assistance of the session moderators, Elaine Hunt,
Ken Johnson and Jim Budd. Thanks to you all.

Many of you were able to attend to the Advanced RPM 2000: Symposium
& Expo, but even if you were not able to attend, you may be interested
in the results of the feedback from the symposium attendees, and

We had over 140 responses from symposium attendees in a dozen
categories rating everything from the content of the talks, the
exhibition, to the food and your hotel. The vast majority—-127
responses—-told us that these items either met (54) or exceeded
expectations (57) or were "Wow!" (12). Only 2 were "needs
improvement" and two were "yuk". The two areas that received the
most "complaints" were room temperature on the first day of the
event and hotel transportation. We'll certainly give these issues
special attention next year. There were a variety of positive comments
as well. Several commented that the program was great...and the first
in our industry to provide the proceedings and other goodies on a
CD-ROM at the time of the symposium.

The program's CD-ROM is available in limited quantities for $129.
This cost does include shipping and handling cost. Please check
our web site at http:/ Click Symposium for
order details (this page will active soon).

Many exhibitors—-Baxter, DSM Somos, Z-Corp, Zebra Imaging, MET-L-FLO
and MCP Systems — received votes for "Best Exhibit," but Ethereal
Technologies informal display of their "Volumetric Imaging System" (the big
mirror) was voted the popular choice. So, congratulations to Bob Andrews
and Nancy Fraker and Ethereal Technologies for the 2000 Best Exhibit Award!
Many speakers, too, received votes for "Best Speaker"-—Ken Johnson,
Jim Budd, Phill Dickens, Dwight Morgan, David Rosen, Kendreick Richardson,
and Julio Castaneda. The clear favorite, though, was Mike McEvoy and his
talk on RPM 2000 & Beyond. Congratulations to Mike and Baxter Healthcare
International on this award!

Put the dates for next year’s event on your calendars now. They are: February
5- 6, 2001. Advanced RPM 2001: Symposium and Exhibition. Thanks to all
of you who participated in making this year's event a success!

Reginald D. Ponder
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