Re: need [trial] software STL package for class exercise

From: Mike Brindley (
Date: Sat Feb 12 2000 - 20:44:34 EET

> I am teaching a module on RP in my graduate class and have assigned in the
> past an exercise to manually fix the STL file of a part using the
> Materialise MAGICS software. The students could see gaps, inverted normals,
> etc., graphically display vertex coordinates and then go to the ascii file
I sure hope that you make VERY, VERY clear to your students that
an STL file translated into ASCII is innapropriate in the real world.
Your exercise could then be of educational value by making the
students familiar with the basic representation of an object in STL
files (triangular facets specified by listing the vertex coordinates
in a specific order) and some of the problems that format encourages.

You could also contact Materialise, and see if they would allow your
class to use an older version under the older terms. Then, you could
put it on the class webpages for your students to download.

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