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Date: Mon Feb 14 2000 - 05:13:34 EET

If You Have Been Looking For A Stock That Will Skyrocket Like Dell, Cisco, or Yahoo,
and Will Leave You With a Small Fortune In a Couple of Years, WE HAVE FOUND IT FOR YOU!
For Week of February 14 to 19, 2000
ESWW - (otc-bb) Environmental Solutions Worldwide - Closed Feb. 11 at $ 4.37
Revolutionary New Catalytic Converter
Market for this product is EVERY Car, Truck, Diesel, RV, and ATV on this PLANET!
There is a Strong Indication that Environmental and Automotive Stock Analysts are Coming Out with an
Independant Analysis that ESWW is valued at $30 Right Now. Automotive Analysts
Predict ESWW will go to $100 and split one or two times this year once contracts announced!
Look For Heavy NewsPaper Coverage of ESWW and Wescast Industries by the Major Newspapers
This Week, as the ESWW Prototypes are being manufactured by Wescast Industries.
ESWW - TIME TO BUY While it is Under $30.00 as it will Fly as the NewsReleases Come Out!

READ THE NEWS ON ESWW in February Popular Science, Toronto Star, Vancouver Sun, NY Times,
Miami Herald, USA Today, Barron's Magazine - Big Increases Coming This Week.
Large Investment, Institutional & European Groups have started to BUY into ESWW as we also see the
beginning of the Automotive Industry & Auto Employees and their Union involvement in ESWW as they
realize this is the next AUTO PARTS GIANT!!!!!

Look for TARGET to be raised from $30 to $50 Short Term!

If you go to ESWW website you will find some hidden gems there. Read about the newest
SPARK PLUG TECHNOLOGY that ESWW is working on!
This may be as big or bigger than their Cleaner Catalytic Converter Technology, which translates into
Billions of dollars.
ESWW - is the developer of a patented new catalytic converter that dramatically reduces toxic
emissions and is less expensive to produce since it does not require the use of expensive metals
such as platinum, palladium and rhodium in the manufacturing process.
ESWW is being pursued by the Big Four Auto Giants as well as Fortune 500 Auto Parts Giants.
This stock has price potential to reach and surpass the heights of Ballard Power Systems.
Toronto Star
by: Tony Van Alphen
TORONTO, Feb 04, 2000 (The Canadian Press via COMTEX) -- A Canadian developer of
catalytic converter technology is close to reaching a deal with Wescast
Industries Inc. to manufacture its latest pollution-fighting product, according
to an industry source.
Toronto-based Environmental Solutions Worldwide Inc. will likely sign and
announce a deal later this month that could eventually increase converter sales
for Westcast because of the new device's ability to cut auto emissions, the
source confirmed Wednesday.
Brantford-based Westcast is already the world's biggest manufacturer and
supplier of cast exhaust manifolds. The company's customers include General
Motors, Ford and Chrysler.
Westcast and Environmental are already working on a pilot project for fleet
testing of the new technology, the source noted.
Jim Slattery, Wescast's chief financial officer, said he would not discuss any
investment until the company releases it publicly.
``I won't confirm or deny anything and I don't want you to read anything into
that,' Slattery added.
Spal Singh, co-founder of BBL Technologies, an Environmental Solutions
subsidiary, also would not comment about any pending deal with Wescast.
Conventional converters use precious metals such as platinum, palladium and
rhodium. But the new product will not need precious metals because of the
technological advances, which will cut hydrocarbons, nitrous oxides and carbon
monoxide, the source said.
Furthermore, test results have also shown fuel savings, added the source who is
familiar with the technology.
Auto makers around the world are searching for ways to reduce emissions so they
can meet tougher environmental standards during the next decade.
Wescast, which reported sales of about $350 million last year, operates eight
plants including six in Canada, one in the U.S. and another one in a joint
venture with Linimar Corp. in Hungary. (Toronto Star)
Popular Science Magazine Article on ESWW is Out!!!!
On page 40 at bottom.
Materials Cheaper, Better Catalyst Environmental Solutions, Worldwide, based in Toronto, has
developed a catalyst using calcium, nickel, and Molybdenum that works immediately on cold startups,
is unaffected by sulfer in the fuel, and is inexpensive to make, according to Bruno Liber, Cofounder and
technical director of the company.
Cold starting and sulfur are problems for today's platinum-based catalysts. Test conducted on the
new catalyst by and independent lab confirm that it works. Liber is now trying to license the technology.
Traditional catalysts become degraded by todays sulfur-rich fuel (and by lead,which is why its been
phased out) when sulfur in the exhauset blasts the active precious metals off the honeycomb thats
supports them. Sulfer does not effect liber's catalyst because the honeycomb is fashioned from the
combination of materials, rather that being coated by them. There's nothing to wear off. An added
benefit: The catalyst is more durable---Dan Carney from Popular Science
ESWW Website at:
ABRG - Closed up at .29 x .30 on volume of over 3 million shares.
              Target Raised by Analysts to $1.50 to $2.25 Short Term
               Gold, Oil and Gas, Domain Names All Climbing in Price! ABRG following
                Executives going to New York on Feb 15 to sign final Domain acquisition agreement.
                 ABRG Website at: WWW.AMBRARESOURCES.COM

GONT - Closed UP 14% at .50 with Major NewsReleases to come out!
           - Over 220 GONT Internet Kiosks in Hotels and Increasing Daily
           - New Contracts with Hotels and Malls
           - Target Raised to $30 to $50 Short Term!
Because of Bloomberg Coverage last week of another Internet Kiosk company called Genesis
Intermedia and their presence in only 12 malls, their stock, GENI went from $3.50 to $16.50 and closed
at $12.50 Gaining 10% for the Day.

GONT in contrast has OVER 220 Internet Kiosks in Major Hotels including Ramada's and Rumours of
Pending Contracts to be announced in 45 more Hotels and 32 Major Mall Locations.

ANALYSTS have UPGRADED the Target For GONT to $30 to $50 Short Term and $200 long term,
based on GONT's many divisions including GONT'S SHOPGOONLINE NETWORK, E-COMMERCE
Divisions, Their website,, and also because of this
indiscreptancy in size and numbers because GONT revenues are hundreds of times that of the other
company in the Bloomberg article.

GONT Websites:


JBRD - Closed UP 33% at .65
           - Rockappella2 to be released in record chains nationwide after their Folger's commercial!
           - Rumors of the signing of the rest of the "WHO" Music Group for Re-Union Album & Tour!
           - Target Raised to $5 to $7.50 Short Term!
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