RP of the smallest features

From: Du Zhaohui (duzh@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon Feb 14 2000 - 12:37:30 EET

Dear RPers,

Just following the discussion on testing parts, is there anyone carrying out
a benchmark study of finest features various RP processes can produce, for
instance, the dimension of the smallest channels(holes or rectangle slots).
It is well known that the excess material (natural or non-natrual supporting
material) has to be removed from the void portion of parts built by the RP
or layered manufacturing. Therefore, there must be some limits for the
excess material(in either liquid or solid) can not come out. Besides, the
penetration of energy or material occurs when the laser beams or other means
(like ink jet) are being applied, which makes the final product with a
limitation on fine feature fabrication.

We would like to launch a study on this, and hopefully find out a better
process to creat scaffolds with small channels built inside. Any information
or comments are more than appriciated.

Zhaohui DU, Dr
Nanyang Technological University
Singapore 639798
Tel: 65-7905010
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