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From: Tom Richards (
Date: Mon Feb 14 2000 - 19:15:36 EET

Dr Du, I believe that you are on the right track.

We evaluate patterns built by RP processes mainly on: Material of
Construction (compatability with our needs)/Resolution (radius if
intersection of surfaces)/Accuracy (mm/mm)/Finish (RMS). Beyond those basic
attributes: Aspect Ratios for holes and bosses.

At 02:37 AM 2/14/00 PST, you wrote:
>Dear RPers,
>Just following the discussion on testing parts, is there anyone carrying out
>a benchmark study of finest features various RP processes can produce, for
>instance, the dimension of the smallest channels(holes or rectangle slots).
>It is well known that the excess material (natural or non-natrual supporting
>material) has to be removed from the void portion of parts built by the RP
>or layered manufacturing. Therefore, there must be some limits for the
>excess material(in either liquid or solid) can not come out. Besides, the
>penetration of energy or material occurs when the laser beams or other means
>(like ink jet) are being applied, which makes the final product with a
>limitation on fine feature fabrication.
>We would like to launch a study on this, and hopefully find out a better
>process to creat scaffolds with small channels built inside. Any information
>or comments are more than appriciated.
>Zhaohui DU, Dr
>Nanyang Technological University
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