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I am a second year student of the Plastic engineering course at Penn
College. We only scratched the surface on rotational molding, but I do
know the basic principles. A rotational molder is a cavity that is
supported on a double axis rotating arm that is heated up exothermically
in an oven.
The rotating arm distributes the plastic that is pored in the cavity as
a powder form. Basically it creates a hallow part with even wall
The process may work if the material you are using has a low viscosity
and the part dimensions allow you to separate the mold and remove the
part from the cavity. The only major issue with a rotational molder
may be the cost. Let me know how you work your problem out.

>>> Jim Burt <jim.burt@infocus.com> 02/11/00 02:35PM >>>
Andrew, can you say more?

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Jim ,
try to incorporate the idea of rotational molding at high velocity

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Folks, I am looking for alternative methods/vendors for prototyping
lamp bases. They operate in a 500-700 deg C environment. These are nor
simply 2D with some through holes or slots. These parts can get fairly
complex, for ceramics. Generally I machine them from Macor but can
2 a day on our CNC. I may need 100 pretty soon and at about 2/ day I
looking at 50 work days, with no scrap...not nearly acceptable.

I have tried to have some made by the SLS process (DTM, thru Brent
Univ. Rhode Island), and the parts were good but could not handle
temperatures. I still think that is a viable approach and if someone
more info I would be most appreciative. Since I don't know the
temperature of the laser, and a heck of a lot of other things, there
may /
may not be a material that will work by this process.

If any of you would like to quote some of these, please let me know. I
not generate drawings unless forced into it (for prototype parts), so
need to be able to take IGES data.

Thanks a lot.


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