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Date: Tue Feb 15 2000 - 22:33:41 EET

1999-2000 Educational R P & M Research Update

Educational Institution Name:
  Contact person:
  City & State & Zip:

1. Number of faculty, department, and rank involved in RP?
(List subject all areas of RP interest or research and contact persons,
addresses, phone numbers, email, etc.:)

2. Number of publications: (List authors, titles, publication sources)

3. Number of patents: (patent number, country, year, inventor)

4. Number of students working and graduated: (degree granted, year)

5. Department housing RP Equipment: (Number of staff supporting RP work
(list full time/part-time/student workers)

6. Number and Vendor of RP systems: (State how many and year of
installation or development.)

7. What RP system do you plan to add this year? If none why?

8. Number of courses offered teaching RP: (Please state department, course
title, and number)

9. How is your work funded: (Consortia, governmental agency, private, etc.)

10. Your biggest hurdle to overcome with RP and education:

11. Your biggest success with RP?

12. Explain how your research will impact the RP world in the next three years:

13. Are you willing for your information to be published? In what form:
Electronic, hard copy, CD, all of the above?

14. What would be your publication method of choice?

Please send a copy to any person who is doing research in RP&M.

By February 21, 2000 return to Elaine Hunt ( or fax
to 864-656-4435

Opinions, suggestions, and other controversial matter VOID where prohibited.
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