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Howmet Aluminum Georgetown Casting

Products and Services
     Howmet Aluminum Ltd. Georgetown Casting is a manufacturer of
premium-quality, precision non-ferrous castings. The main alloy is aluminum
(A356); however, we also cast in copper-based alloys. A combination of highly
skilled people, the latest in robotics and ISO 9002 accreditation has helped us
become a leading force in the industry. By incorporation of various functional
features into the casting configuration the number of sub-assemblies may be
reduced, thus lowering overall manufacturing costs. We also offer
complete-to-print capabilities, such as, machining, assembling, painting, and
     Howmet Aluminum Ltd. Georgetown Casting has a wide range of product
capabilities. Castings included much small, relatively straightforward geometry
as well as a number of very intricate cored Pump Housings and complex Electronic
Boxes. The use of both shell and solid mold manufacturing helps facilitate this
wide part range. Alloys poured include aluminum and various copper base
compositions. The large number of active parts and customers are typical of
similar size investment casting foundries.
     Howmet Aluminum Ltd. Georgetown Casting sells primarily from within based
on performance, service and relationships developed over time.
     Typically lead-times are approximately 10-12 weeks.
     For further information please do not hesitate to visit our web-site at or contact me at the above address or at

Andreas Hack

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Can anyone direct me to a vendor that can do brass or bronze castings.


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