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Date: Wed Feb 16 2000 - 21:17:24 EET

I know of a person whom used to work for me in our RP lab. He has 2 yrs.
experience with post processing, painting and preparing of builds using
maestro software (Unix platform) for the SLA 250/40 & SLA 250/50 series. He
left Motorola to venture into a family owned business, and since has decided
to seek opportunities in hopes of returning to the RP industry.

With his permission I am providing you with the following contact

        Scott Perry
        Lawrenceville, Ga. (Atlanta Metropolitan Area)
        (770) 962-4414

If you would like a copy of Scott's resume via email you may contact me
(Allen Brand)as Scott currently has limited PC/Internet access or call him
directly as you wish. I offer high recommendations on Scott's behalf and
miss his contributions as a Motorolan.


Allen W. Brand, Sr.
Motorola Energy Systems Group
Phone: 770-338-3088
Pager: 404-866-3675

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Lots of people are needing good employees so speak up if you want to move
on........or up.


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