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From: 조정범 (
Date: Thu Feb 17 2000 - 06:47:37 EET

Hi, RPers.

I am a member of CAD-LAB, Seoul National University, South Korea.
We are working on making fully customized Shoes. Especially insole & last using RP.

The conventional insole is made of paper because it should be bended and sewed , and it's thickness is 2-3 mm.
The last must have high strength regardless of material.

There are many factors to be considered for efficinet production of insole & last.
The main factors are as follows.

(1) Adequate materials for such insole & last
(2) Cost for the above materials
(3) RP system good for building them
(4) Build time for the specified system.

So, it would be very thankful for you to kindly advise me for the above-mentioned factors.

Thanks in advance.
Take care. Bye.

Jung-bum, Cho and SNU CAD-Lab.

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