Re: Georgia Tech Symposium

Date: Thu Feb 17 2000 - 15:42:00 EET

     I also was there and found it to be a great symposium. I plan to be
     there next year as well. Great stuff, 4D Imaging was wild, it gave me
     goose bumps.
     Bob Olson

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Subject: Georgia Tech Symposium
Author: Ken Richardson <> at INTERNET
Date: 2/15/00 11:04 AM

In an e-mail this morning Anton Gerrits referenced the Advanced Rapid
Prototyping & Manufacturing 2000 Symposium and Expo held at the Georgia
Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia, USA last week. I had the
pleasure of attending this symposium and am pleased to report that it
was excellent. There was a good mix of industry and university speakers
providing insights on current research and future directions for RP.
Attending this symposium reminded me that we are all very fortunate to
be in a dynamic industry where the commercial prospects work hand in
hand with research and academia. While the attendees and presenters
were without question talented and knowledgeable, they were also polite,
open minded and always willing to provide useful insights. Georgia Tech
did an excellent job of organizing the facilities, attracting great
speakers, and making sure everything ran smoothly.
I highly recommend this symposium to anyone wanting to stay current in
RP and encourage everyone to review the Georgia Tech web site
( for more information and to plan ahead for
next year.
Ken Richardson
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