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From: Scott, Andrew R (
Date: Thu Feb 17 2000 - 21:31:41 EET

Scott-Scooter's assessment was correct. However it was such an interesting
plane, and we make all kinds of aircraft here at Lockheed that I thought it
would be a good exercise. We like to say that we do difficult tasks in a
hurry and the impossible ones just take a little bit longer. It also was an
interesting exercise in STL repair. I used SolidView to make the necessary
corrections/enhancements. However after having been given an extensive demo
of the Magic's STL repair capabilities, I can see where some of the features
in Magic's, such as Boolean STL operations, and the ability to create STL
primitives, would have made the task so much easier. The scale in the
picture is 6 inches BTW. With luck you may be able to see that actual model
at the upcoming NAUSG conference. The model is very delicate and may not
travel well. It is still a "BAD" STL file BTW. Several hundred shells and
unconnected edges. But the SLA made one anyways.
Andy Scott
Lockheed Martin Aero Sys
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> I would not try to build this file on a rp machine. Many areas of the
> model
> are not thick enough or created as a water tight solid
> Cheers
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> > Why not download:
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> > This translated into Solidview nicely, after ignoring a few warning
> popups.
> > It even came through in color!
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> > -Steve Chapman
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