Need some quick advice!!!

Date: Fri Feb 18 2000 - 21:47:50 EET

Hello All,

I am building a 1/6th scale of an aircraft for a show coming up and have it
split into several sections. I have two platforms one on our Zypher machine
and one on our Doctor machine. The Zypher is fine but the Doctor build is
having! I hollowed out the fuselage of the aircraft to reduce weight but
created a giant trapped volume. The wall thickness is 1" and what seems to
be happening is... I get a sweeper stall error every quarter inch or so. I
do not see ant delaminated surfaces or wall blow-outs. I am 4.5" into a 19"
tall build and have been periodically dropping the platform an extra .006"
(one layer thickness). I'm not used to building ACES parts this size and
am a bit confused as to what to do to salvage the build.

Thanks in advance!

Karl Denton

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