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Subject: Review of direct manufacturing threads
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2000 03:12:39 -0800

Dear RP-world,

    One of the hottest topics of discussion on the RP-ML in 1999 was the use
of fabbers ("rapid prototyping") for direct manufacturing, not just for
prototypes. The two major threads on this subject have been collected
together and posted on at

    In August 1999, an engineering student by the name of Sean Gladieux made
his first posting to the RP-ML, not knowing what a debate his inquiry was
about to launch. Sean described a project in which he was planning to
compare the cost of making a machine part directly in a fabber versus making
it by "traditional" means. He asked the list if anyone else had ever looked
into this before. A number of people responded who had indeed spent a good
deal of time either thinking about or actually doing direct manufacturing by

    Then, in November, veteran RP-ML correspondent Elaine Hunt posted an
inquiry asking who on the list had produced "a model that was the final
product" and what kind of results they got. Again, there were a good number
of informative responses.

    Please take a look at this new page. It makes for some interesting
reading. If people want to make any additional comments on those threads,
I'll add them to the page.

    (People on the "Cc" line of this message are the people who participated
in these threads. Please let me know if you see any errors.)

Best regards,
Marshall Burns
President, Ennex Corporation
Los Angeles, USA, (310) 397-1314

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