RE: Windows 2000

From: Kyle Y. Root (
Date: Mon Feb 21 2000 - 19:12:50 EET

600-700 MB hard disk space required.

Windows 2000 is not the consumer version as I thought it was going to be.
Windows 98 is being upgraded to "Windows Me" (the Millennium Edition). 2000
offers significant advantages over NT 4.0 since it will allow large hard
disk drives whereas 4.0 had to be installed on a 2GB max partition. If you
had a hard drive bigger than 2GB, then you had no choice but to make a
partition for 2GB and 4GB.

2000 will let you view thumbnails from Windows Explorer. VERY useful tool.
Actually, that's one of the biggest reasons why I use it now. If it wasn't
for that, there really wouldn't be a need for me having it.

NT, in general, allows you to change a lot of system settings without having
to restart the computer all the time as you do in Windows 95/98. That's
huge too although it does take longer to boot.

If you have multiple users, it's hard to beat NT. You can have total
control over your system over who does what and when to lock out anyone.
This is really easy to do with password protection. In Windows 95/98, when
prompted for a password, just hit cancel and you'll get by the password.

The style of Windows 2000 is much better which makes for user-friendliness.
Functions that you wished were in Windows 98 that you may not have noticed
you wished for are in Windows 2000 (such as dragging and dropping icons off
of the Start menu or rearranging them without having to "Explore").

I can't really be a good judge for speed. It seems to run about the same as
NT 4.0 which is quicker than Windows 95/98 in most cases. I don't do
anything heavy duty that would really test this other than nonlinear video
editing and it seems to handle that rather well.

I'm anxious to see this Windows Me thing. If it has some of the features I
want that are in Windows 2000, I'll quickly change over to that simply
because it is a consumer version and it probably won't eat up 700 MB of hard
drive space.


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