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From: Ram Nagulpally (
Date: Tue Feb 22 2000 - 19:32:55 EET


The Oxygen VX1 card is one of the ones that we recomend for use with
Paraform software. We have looked at it closely since it offers a good
cost to performance benefit. At $175-195, you cant go wrong with it.

If you dont mind spending a little more money, you can try the FireGL1
(Diamond) or the Oxygen GVX1 (3D Labs). Both these can be purchased in
the $700 range. You should definitely shop around on the net. The price
for these varies from $650- 900. These provide more UMPH!! in terms of
performance/quality than the VX1 card.



"Ola L.A. Harrysson" wrote:

> Dear List, I am just about to build a new computer system and I have
> ordered most parts already. One thing I haven't decided on yet is the
> video card but I am thinking about the Oxygen VX1 with 32 MB RAM. I am
> mostly running applications like ProE, RP-software and other graphical
> applications like Materialise Mimics. Does anyone of you use this
> video card? Do you have any comments about it? Do you have any other
> suggestions? Thank you and have a great day, Ola Harrysson

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