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The World Conference refers to the 3D Systems Stereolithography Users Group
Meeting. The 3D Systems User Group primarily meets in North America (hence
3D Systems North American Stereolithography Users Group, 3DSNASUG) and
Europe (3D Systems European Stereolithography Users Association, 3DESUA).

Each group meets annually, 3DSNASUG in March or April, 3DESUA in the fall.
This year, 3DESUA dispensed with their 1999 and 2000 conferences to meet in
the USA for a "World Conference" The hope is to demonstrate 3D Systems
Stereolithography applications in a world setting.

This meeting is closed, however, to companies and individuals owning 3D
Systems Stereolithography Apparatus (SLA) and EOS Stereolithography

For other companies with complementary technologies and products (such as
scanning and modeling in your case), there is a March 6 trade show you may
participate to show your wares.

If you are interested in either the vendor fair or conference, please see
the web site or contact me. The web site is Click on SL Users Group, then "Annual
Meeting" at the bottom of the "Your Invited" page are links to registration
and the agenda.

Steve Deak 2000 3DSNASUG Conference Chair

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For the benefit of those of us not paying enough attention, what is the
Conference, and what are the benefits of attending? I read the 3D Systems
marketing blurb, but I would like to hear from some others who have

P.S., as long as y'all are in town, I'd like to invite conference attendees
to tour our studio in Burbank, about 10 minutes from the conference. This
not a sales blurb, as I really don't need any new work, I just want to meet
like-minded colleagues. We have the latest array of 3D scanning equipment
which we use in conjunction with 5 3D Systems platforms to make toy

-Steve Chapman

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