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Date: Wed Feb 23 2000 - 16:49:41 EET


If you are building a machine now you're kind of caught in the middle of a
product development cycle.

The Fire GL1 is only AGP 2X capable. The Oxygen cards are AGP 4X capable
but now nVidia chips are coming out with "double data rate" chips.

Right now (to the best of my limited knowledge) ELSA Gloria II is the only
card that has the nVidia DDR chip. It has 64 meg of ram and is AGP 4x
compliant. It is around $650 USD.

Hope this helps,


> Ola:
> The Oxygen VX1 card is one of the ones that we recomend for use with
> Paraform software. We have looked at it closely since it offers a good
> cost to performance benefit. At $175-195, you cant go wrong with it.
> If you dont mind spending a little more money, you can try the FireGL1
> (Diamond) or the Oxygen GVX1 (3D Labs). Both these can be purchased in
> the $700 range. You should definitely shop around on the net. The price
> for these varies from $650- 900. These provide more UMPH!! in terms of
> performance/quality than the VX1 card.
> goodluck
> ram
> "Ola L.A. Harrysson" wrote:
> > Dear List, I am just about to build a new computer system and I have
> > ordered most parts already. One thing I haven't decided on yet is the
> > video card but I am thinking about the Oxygen VX1 with 32 MB RAM. I am
> > mostly running applications like ProE, RP-software and other graphical
> > applications like Materialise Mimics. Does anyone of you use this
> > video card? Do you have any comments about it? Do you have any other
> > suggestions? Thank you and have a great day, Ola Harrysson

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